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Dark Universe

The Dark Side of the Doctor

The Darker Side of The Doctor.
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Hello and Welcome to Dark Doctor Fics.

A community where you can send in the most darkest and most horrible Doctor Who stories ever written. Feel free to write what you want. Angst, graphic sex, slash, femslash, graphic horror, torture, character bashing *if you don't like CB don't join*. You name it and it's approved by me. Also, if you want. FanPics, Icons, FanVids are also acceptable but they have to be in dark theme.

He's a little intro about the Dark Doctor, I man I created and based this community on.

Ever wonder what the Doctor and his companions would be like in the parallel universe? Ever wonder what that universe would be like?

The Doctor still travels through time and space with his beloved companions and then land in different planets to explore.... and to conquer!

In the parallel universe AKA 'The Dark Universe' The Dark Doctor does exactly the oppsite of what our Doctor does. Instead of saving planets, he rules them, instead of helping people who are in need of help, he's slays them.

So there you have it, get the idea. ;)

Also, crossovers with Doctor Who and Torchwood are acceptable. Crossovers between the Dark Universe and the other universe is approved.


Your story must be entered like this, if you wish to add anything else, you may: also, if the story is 100 words or more, lj-cut them please.

Word Count:

1. No Flaming, this is a friendly community

2. Enjoy yourselves and let your immagination run free. :D