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cheriluvs10 [userpic]
Hello, I'm new and I bring a fic...
by cheriluvs10 (cheriluvs10)
at February 9th, 2007 (09:52 am)

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Hi, my name is Cheri. I'm new here and I love the idea of an alternate Dark! Doctor. I started a fic before I even heard of this community that has Dark!Doctor in it. It's 20 parts and an epilogue and I don't have paid live journal so it won't let me post it all but I'll post the link to it on FF.net. Hope you like it.

TITLE: The Fourth Horseman


PAIRING: 10/Rose

WARNINGS: Angst, Torture, Character death, some fluff, Graphic Violence

SUMMARY: The Doctor and Rose find themselves captured and enslaved by a man who wants to turn the Doctor into a weapon to conquer worlds.

DISCLAMER: Doctor Who doesn't belong to me. I'm making no money off of this.

The link to the story is here...